About The Greener Garden Company

At the Greener Garden Company, we believe that your garden is your sanctuary and oasis in a time deprived world. Let us reconnect you to that inner sanctuary and discover your calm

Every garden is unique and so is every client.

At the Greener Garden company, we believe that your garden is your sanctuary, an escape from the demands and pressures of a busy lifestyle. A safe haven to switch off and reconnect with nature and enjoy an outdoor life.

We work closely with you to develop a garden design that will form an extension of your identity and personality. A space that you will want to spend time in as it continues to flourish and evolve over the years.

We are committed to providing our clients with a truly unique and one of a kind design that is tailored to their needs by listening and understanding their vision and goals for the project. We aim to create spaces that promote self-reflection and encourage people to come together by designing innovative spaces that embrace outdoor living.

We are passionate about the integration of plants into the landscape and understand their role in the landscape. Following sustainable design principles, we set out to create a naturalistic approach whilst creating a balance with existing architectural shapes and structures whilst expressing ourselves as artists.

Our ultimate goal is to create an emotional connection between you and your outdoor space.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing garden or to start from scratch, The Greener Garden Company can help you plan, provide professional advice and recommend the most up to date planting schemes, growing techniques and hardscape construction features that will see you through many years of pleasure and enjoyment with your new garden.

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Not sure where the dripline of your tree is? Are your plants not performing as well as you had hoped? Unsure about the structural integrity of your hardscape feature? Confused about which plants to select for a specific problem area? The Greener Garden Company can help you with any landscaping problem by providing professional research and advice in order to get the best outcome for your garden.

The secret to a beautiful and rewarding garden is the maintenance that is put into keeping it performing in a way that makes your neighbours and guests jealous! The Greener Garden Company will expertly mow, trim, shape and fertilize your garden. We can also provide special plant and tree treatments such as Espaliering or Pleaching to get your garden from drab to perfection!