My passion for designing gardens and outdoor spaces stem from my early years growing up with a leafy and vibrant garden at home. A place of belonging and a sense of wellbeing, it was there I believe my appreciation for natural surroundings and lush tranquil settings began.

Having spent some years studying business management and working in managing roles I made the shift across into the Horticultural industry where I felt I truly belonged and could make a difference. I studied at Swinburne University and it is there I completed and hold a diploma in Landscape Design and Diploma of Horticulture, I have worked in the Horticultural and Landscaping industry for the last decade and during that time, have amassed a wealth of experience and resolve for designing gardens that transcend imagination.

Everyday there is something new to learn or a better way in which to integrate nature into what we do and that is what I love about my role as a designer, I have spent a number of years developing and refining my skills as a garden designer and with a strong background in plant selection and knowledge of natural building materials my approach to each design is unique from the next and my desire to create and imagine something completely fresh and innovative is a key driver in how we work.

Work with us to discover your own personal sanctuary.

Design Philosophy

Rob’s Landscape design philosophy centres on creating a sustainable balance between existing architecture and the natural surroundings. Creating harmony between structure and vegetation by softening hardscapes with lush and soft plantings.

Rob concentrates on discovering a connection between the client and garden and use that to create a lifetime bond. A connection that will become an unmistakable bond as time lapses and the garden continues to evolve and flourish for years to come.

The Greener Garden Company’s vision for the short and long-term projects are facilitating our team to deliver designs which are uncompromised, balanced, feature unique planting pallets which feature sustainability design principals in reducing their footprint whilst challenging traditional design conventions and restrictions.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing garden or to start from scratch, The Greener Garden Company can help you plan, provide professional advice and recommend the most up to date planting schemes, growing techniques and hardscape construction features that will see you through many years of pleasure and enjoyment with your new garden.

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Not sure where the dripline of your tree is? Are your plants not performing as well as you had hoped? Unsure about the structural integrity of your hardscape feature? Confused about which plants to select for a specific problem area? The Greener Garden Company can help you with any landscaping problem by providing professional research and advice in order to get the best outcome for your garden.

The secret to a beautiful and rewarding garden is the maintenance that is put into keeping it performing in a way that makes your neighbours and guests jealous! The Greener Garden Company will expertly mow, trim, shape and fertilize your garden. We can also provide special plant and tree treatments such as Espaliering or Pleaching to get your garden from drab to perfection!